First Drive: 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C [w/video]

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The Baby 458

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

Since it debuted this car as a concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo has managed to keep the buzz alive for its 4C sports car – a huge accomplishment in its own right for this wildly adored, long suffering and eternally cash-strapped company. Being luckily stationed here in Italy as Autoblog’s European Contributor, you can rightly assume that I’ve long been following the various and sundry ongoing dramas and products of this Italian brand. While the 4C is stunning to look at – and hopefully drive – Alfa has had me wondering whether it still has what it takes to reconquer the automotive world it once so easily enthralled.

I wonder this because, more than anything right now, Alfa needs great replacements for its 159 midsize family and a 169 luxo-sport four door, not to mention a killer sport crossover finally evolving out of the still-not-too-shabby Kamal concept first shown way back in 2003. Until the groundwork is laid out for these three key missing models, Alfa Romeo will continue its noble struggle, showing us keen glimmers of passion and hope with models like the 8C Competizione and this latest beauty. Alfa is planning to build just 3,500 4C units per annum, with initial deliveries from the Maserati factory in Modena starting at the end of this year for western Europe. Then by the end of May 2014, cars will trickle into the United States and Canada via Maserati dealerships. We Americani will get 1,200 units per year.

We’ve grown to know the 4C’s compact, high-tech, composite plastic (a.k.a. SMC, Sheet Molding Compound) body in all of its beauty over these two-plus years. The only questionable gaffe along the way has been on the production car unveiled at the 2013 Geneva show – I’m speaking, of course, of its funky TVR-style LED headlights. The original eye design on the 2011 showcar was light-years better than this forced tech-savvy look. But that’s really it so far as any notes on the exterior; the thing is flat gorgeous.

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