Mercedes-Benz CLA Will Spin-Off Shooting Brake, But No Other Variants

Only one more model will be produced on Mercedes-Benz’s new front-wheel-drive architecture, we’ve learned—and it’s not the long-rumored SLA roadster. Instead, the company will build a CLA Shooting Brake, a low-roofed wagon that will complement the four-door CLA in the same way the CLS and CLS Shooting Brake form a duo at the higher end of the market. Unfortunately, this model won’t be offered in the U.S., as our car-buying comrades see shooting brakes as wagons, and wagons as old-fashioned and dull.

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Rather than develop an all-new SLA roadster, Benz execs have told us, it makes far more sense to put the investment and effort into something with thick profit margins and a glamorous image. Without saying so directly, the car they’re talking about is the upcoming S-class convertible—spy photos of the topless S here—which, if the Concept S-class Coupé is any indication, will be a head-turner. That may be out of reach for us plebes, but there’s always the 10-year-old used market. At least the S-class convertible—probably unlike the CLA Shooting Brake—will fit an American-size suitcase in the trunk.

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