Guy Crashes his Lamborghini Diablo, Shows the World How He Feels in Video

Ah, first world problems… If you thought that owning a Lamborghini is pure awesomeness 365 days a year, prepare for a reality check. Especially if you’re planning on buying a Lamborghini Diablo in the future, you should watch the following videos made by the owner of a 2001 model.

In the first video, Rob Dahm tells the story (a pretty long one in fact) of how he crashed the car while driving in the rain on used tires (a big double-no for any supercar owner).

The repair bill is not for the fainthearted: $11,000 for a set of four brake rotors (he couldn’t buy just one, they’re only available in sets of four), $10,000 to replace the carbon fiber front bumper and front fender, more than $4,000 for the wheels – and there’s also a damaged suspension for which he didn’t do the math yet. That’s at least $25,000 for a car he bought used for $130,000. Ouch!

In the second video, he points out some inconveniences of the Lambo in a funny way, such as the fact that, although it’s a supercar, it still runs out of battery sometimes, and that the interior has no concept of ergonomics whatsoever. The video may seem annoying at first, but his remarks are simply sarcastic.

Finally, there’s a third video in which he shows what it’s like to drive the Diablo. If you want more, you can check out his YouTube channel where there are many more videos about his experience with the Diablo.

By Dan Mihalascu


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