Official: Koenigsegg gets its own certified pre-owned program

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Koenigsegg CCX

Certified pre-owned programs are a great option if you’re looking for a well-maintained, newer vehicle that has some kind of warranty, without paying full price. As it’s a good system, there are a lot of automakers that now offer a CPO option. The newest and perhaps most surprising purveyor of gently used vehicles, though, is Koenigsegg.

Celebrating its tenth year of production, a landmark year for any boutique hypercar manufacturer, there are now enough Koenigseggs in the world to warrant a program for secondhand buyers. As one of the big hurdles of buying a used supercar isn’t the price, but the cost of maintenance, this seems like a great idea.

To be eligible for the pre-owned program, cars are, of course, thoroughly inspected by Koenigsegg, and are fully refurbished, bring them as close to factory condition as possible. Vehicles come with a two-year warranty and free service, if sold from an authorized dealer. Ignoring what will easily be a six-figure price tag, that does kind of sound like a bad bargain. Scroll down for the official press release from Koenigsegg.

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