Want to Own an Original Decepticon S281 Saleen Extreme from 2007 Transformers Movie?

Whatever your opinion is about the fifth gen Mustang, if we’re talking about an example of Ford’s pony car that’s not only dressed like the Decepticon character “Barricade” that appeared in the original Transformers movie in 2007, but is in fact, one of the actual models featured in the film, deserves our attention.

This particular model is said to be camera car No2, with the studio having created a total of three cars for the movie – you may remember that one of the three S281 Saleen Extreme Ford Mustangs from the Transformers blockbuster was listed for sale in 2010, but we’re not sure if it’s the same one featured here.

The Saleen-tuned model is based on the 2005 Mustang and comes with a 4.6-liter V8 mill modified to deliver 335-horses, along with many other upgrades, ranging from the full body kit to the 20-inch wheels and the customized interior.

As you can imagine, you can’t take the car out for a ride without hiding or removing certain Police car features and decals, but the seller has taken care of some of those issues with magnet signs that cover the original police insignias.

If you’re interested, the ‘Buy it now’ price on ebay is $80,000 or about €59,200.

Seller’s Description:

O R I G I N A L* Famous screen used “BARRICADE” S281 Saleen Extreme from the 2007 blockbuster movie “TRANSFORMERS”Not a replica!, This is car number (2) (Camera Car) from the movie.NOT ONLY OWN A PROTOTYPE, RARE, SALEEN, BUT A MOVIE CAR AT THAT Used in most of the scenes, highly detailed and retains it’s looks and features exactly as it left the movie set. Rare PROTOTYPE by Saleen and 1 of 3 built. Own a piece of history as I have had the pleasure.

DETAILS: 2005 base GT Ford Mustang transformed into 2008 Saleen Extreme Black and White. 4.6 ltr 8 cyl Saleen modified 3 valve 335hp engine, Saleen leather interior, Carbon Fiber front chin and rear diffuser, Saleen Extreme body panels, Jet black body paint, 20inch Saleen Extreme black wheels, Saleen instrument panel, Saleen brakes and suspension, 5speed Saleen transmission and shifter, Ford 1000 CD/stereo with trunk woofer, Perrelli tires. Paramount FX Department and Movie studio car appointments: Stunt wilwood brake line lock, Pearl White door paint, side camera mount, engine bay camera mount, re-enforced steel push bumper, low profile roof LED’s, front headlight, rear taillight flash, stunt pedal blocks, reflective markings, number 643 markings, famous DECEPTICON markings, well known “To Punish and Enslave” quote, line lock. quick fuse install/disconnect on battery for disabling LED’s and strobes (for legal driving purposes).

For the purposes of ebay, lights are disabled.temp! Also decal magnets are included to cover up movie decals. SO-YES, you can own and drive/show car legally!. Copy of original title owned by Saleen. All documentation including the previous owner-Auto Museum’s title, Cars movie license plate included. Recognized by the Saleen Club of America and listed on the Saleen Performance Vehicles web site. Car (1) 8cyl and (3) 6cyl are owned by Auto Museums. This car has several historical features known to the studio, stuntmen and owners-I will give the new owner these details upon purchase-as they help with verification.

Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg asked Steve Saleen to built BARRICADE & BUMBLEBEE for those whom don’t know. This car has had PAID Appearances and lots of wonderful Charity work for kids and adults, parades, you name it. Its a small business that you will love. News-paper articles and magazine. TV news coverage when car was purchased was extensive. Also this car was featured on “Hollywood’s greatest car chases episode 2″ on the speed channel. It was just on again the other week. Very cool!-

GOOGLE: (ORTTE MUSTANG) for other news. This car will only go up in value. Barricade appeared in part 1 and part 3 Transformers, a 3 time academy award nomination, this car has its own Hasbro toy line, Part 4 will be appearing soon. I have had offers for commercials an addition to many other things. The price of owning a Movie Car. This car has its own fan club. Those guys and gals love this car. The car gets to much attention as my wife says. Known worldwide. Clear title to follow after full payment. I am selling my prized possession to make room for WWII vehicle, my other hobby. Call (703) 307-6861, ask for JIM. Good luck. Sorry no joy rides, unless your a child with disability or injured vet or you buy the car.

Included: A set of black BARRICADE POST’s and WHITE CHAIN’s to setup around “BARRICADE” See picture for poles. All paperwork, copies of previous title’s, Picture car studio records of the 3 Barricades and their vin#s, various Hasbro toys, Show sign, California movie license plate. Decal covers, The supercharger was removed by studio because it interfered with the microphones, I wish they would send it to me. *****CAR RUNS PERFECT, NO LEAKS, AIR-CONDITION IS PERFECT, ALL POWERS ITEMS PERFECT. INTERIOR IS PERFECT, GREAT SHOW AND GO, Radio, CD player perfect. REMEMBER IT IS STILL A NEW CAR WITH 9000+ MILES!****.

Below is EBAY policy, The car follows policy for seller and buyer. Clear lenses lights,” Barricade” decals cover any original, no PD department decals or reference to any real city, state or federal. See the highlights below, See picture number 2. Attention ebay: Its a Movie Car, Decepticon PD does not excist! Car will be same as left studio..


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