Mercedes-Benz Own…’Reporter’ Takes New S-Class for a Spin in Berlin

We’ve seen many reviews for Mercedes’ all-new S-Class, but what we haven’t watched so far is a review made by the carmaker itself – how thoughtful and original, ahem, ahem…

So here you have it: Mercedes-Benz TV reporter Torie Campbell took the brand’s flagship sedan for a test drive in Berlin and shared her impressions in a short video.

As is the case with other reviews from car manufacturers, objectivity is not their strongest point – to put it bluntly, they’re very subjective, but that’s something to be expected. The reporter praises the exterior design of the new S-Class, the modern interior with the two large high-resolution display screens and then moves on to optional extras.

The Burmeister 3-D surround sound system, the Air Balance package and the Magic Body Control system are just some of the goodies Mercedes-Benz offers on the tech-laden S-Class. You can find out more about these by watching the video posted below.

By Dan Mihalascu


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