EVO Tries to Prove a McLaren 12C is an Every-Day Supercar

British magazine EVO uploaded a video some five months ago setting the premise for a longer series based on viewers’ comments. The main attraction was a long-term test car, a McLaren 12C. Now, it has been run for about ten months and the first questions have been answered via a second video – the first of six to be released.

It goes into greater detail around the notion of every-day supercars, as well as questioning whether or not the 12C fits that bill, and proving that it does.

If the arguments for the McLaren made sense to you, then we will subtly remind you of a car called the Audi R8 and its status as a very practical, usable supercar – I say the notion is valid and verifiable one on a wide range of models, especially if we go past the realm of mid-engines (the Ferrari FF comes to mind).

Check out the two videos posted below for the full story, though, and perhaps leave us your thoughts in the comments section.


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