Honda Introduces All-New Odyssey Mk5 for Japan, Australia and Other Markets

Some three years after Honda presented a new generation of its Odyssey minivan for North America, it’s time for the Japanese brand to do the same for the domestic market version of the series, which is also offered in a number of countries around the world, including Australia.

The JDM model may share the same name as the American model, but it’s a completely different vehicle. Nevertheless, with the fifth generation model, the two are coming a little bit closer to each other in terms of exterior styling.

Honda published a comprehensive set of pictures of the JDM 2014 Odyssey, but it has yet to release information on dimensions, prices and technical specifications, all of which should be announced shortly before or during the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show at the end of November, when the minivan will make its world premiere in front of the public.

The only bits of information we get about the car from Honda is that it features “an ultra-low-floor platform” that helps increase interior space for passengers and their luggage, and that the 2014 Odyssey will adopt new powertrains that are more powerful yet also, more fuel efficient.


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