Maserati Releases Video of Ghibli Testing Inside Climatic Wind Tunnel

Say you are a car designer asked by an automaker to come up with a specific idea, for a sporty sedan with Italian flair. The trick won’t be to get it looking good and evocative, because it is already known what buyers like to see in such a car, but rather to get the looks as close to the ideal concept as possible, without negatively affecting any of the moving bits.

That’s why Maserati’s Ghbli, aside from looking quite fancy from all angles, I think, must also be a solid automobile able to withstand the harshest of battering weather conditions. One of the ways in which this kind of capability was tested is using a climatic wind tunnel able to simulate anything from a scorching mid-day desert sun to arctic winds.

Now, the premium Italian automaker has released a video detailing what the testing procedure in the special wind tunnel is like. It’s short, so it doesn’t really go into the specifics, but it at least offers peace of mind to future owners who may have been questioning the car’s durability and engineering prowess in comparison to those of its German rivals.

By Andrei Nedelea


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