New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible Digitally Visualized

Over the weekend, we told you about Mercedes-Benz’s plans to create a soft-top convertible version of the upcoming S-Class Coupe, with the information coming directly from the German brand’s product development boss Thomas Weber, and now, thanks to the creative efforts of Dutch artist Remco Meulendijk, we can give you rendered idea of what the car may look like.

The young designer neatly (photo)chopped the roof off the S-Class Coupe Concept while also replacing certain elements such as the door mirrors, alloy wheels, rear apron and exhaust pipes with more production-like parts.

The Benz boss said that the four-seater luxury convertible is scheduled for an introduction about a year or so after the hardtop coupe, which itself, will be presented in production trim in 2014.

Powering the snazzy rag top model will be a similar lineup of V8 and V12 bi-turbocharged mills to the S-Class Coupe, all linked to automatic transmissions, but it remains to be seen if Mercedes will offer AMG flavored (and powered) versions as well.

Photo Credits: Design RM


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