2013 Alfa Romeo Giulietta: Making You Hit the Road with Power and Style

This is the car which people nowadays are talking about. Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the car which possesses a magnificent touch from the Alfa. Some of the car reviews even claimed this car as the best Alfa car for almost 100 years of manufacturing. But si it really that great? If you review the exterior you will find that Alfa Romeo Giulietta is really a wonder to behold. But this is a subjective comment. Let’s us have an in-depth review on the beauty of the Alfa Romeo Giuletta.

Let us start with the exterior. The shape exterior of Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a bit colour-dependent. The front end of this beauty is that it looks very tall and in some ways looks shapeless. Though, on the backside it looks slightly bulky, however, the LED lights are very elegant and expensive. These very beautiful details make Alfa Romeo Giulietta more distinct than others within its class.

so, let’s go to the inside cabin. It has an irresistible cabin. The lovely switches and the advanced central control panel are the strengths of this awesome car. The center console looks classy. The leather is high quality leather. Alfa Romeo Giulietta has an integrated control and a motorized flip-up computer.  It is a proof that this car is made from the premium brand. The feel of the car that puts Alfa Romeo Giulietta slightly above the Audi is the organic quality. Alfa Romeo Giulietta has a “life” feel when you are driving it. For sure it will give you hour of driving with fun and style.

How about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s engine? You can drive 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than 8 seconds. It is a good number for a hatch car. The smooth power delivery makes the boost progress unnoticeable. It has a 1.4-litre 4 cylinder engine. It also has some modern features such as steering audio and phone controls, rain-sensing wipers, engine start-stop and a lot more feature that goes in the class of an Alfa car.

Overall, Alfa Romeo Giulietta has a fine engine for a fine car. Compare this baby with A3 or Golf; you will know that Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a desirable car for those who love solid and refined car with a competitive price. If you like to drive an Alfa Romeo this is a good option. This famous brand from Italy is giving us a car that has luxury of an Alfa with a mainstream player price. This six-speed transmission Alfa Romeo Giulietta has a good stability control system. There are few modes that you can adjust for some situations. The Dynamic mode gives you the control to adjust throttle sensitivity and the control system stability. When you are dealing with traffic jam the best mode is the Natural mode. When you are driving through slippery road, you can change the mode to All-weather. If you want to test the engine of Alfa Romeo Giulietta and bring the best out of it you can always choose Dynamic mode. This mode will add weight to the steer to add a sportier feel.

With all the specifications and reviews above you can sum up the Alfa Romeo Giulietta as a good car choice with a nice competitive price in the class. The Alfa Romeo Giuliett will surely make you hit the road with power and style combined.

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