This Is How Much You Can Shrink a Car and Still Have it be Street Legal

Move over Peel P50 and custom-made Top Gear microcar, because there’s a new and even smaller kid on the block! As I’m sure you all know, the Peel was the bulbous little blue car driven by Jeremy Clarkson into the BBC the actual offices, in an episode of the show, from 2007.

However, he probably would have been even happier with the open-air experience of this one-off car created by custom car builder Austin Coulson, from Texas.

About the same size as a child’s electric-powered stroller, but with much bigger and sturdier wheels, it can just accommodate a full-sized human, though I imagine this would be huge amounts of fun for actual kids to drive around. That, of course, could only be done on private property, because Austin’s creation is genuinely the world’s smallest road-worthy car; it’s got lights, turn signals, approved windshield and wipers, and even a lap belt.

And these are not just mere claims by the builder, and the little car is actually attested by the Guinness World Records as being what it’s claimed to be. Granted, it’s not an actual production model like the Peel, but it is smaller, and just as cool. They even made a video about it, which you’ll find posted below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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