Volkswagen’s 262HP Scirocco R Driven on US Soil

Volkswagen remains confused as to whether or not its US customers want the Scirocco R. They already offer the Golf R VI, which comes in the same shade of blue and basically, has the same engine, but it only comes with all-wheel drive.

The sportier Scirocco body can only accommodate two passengers in the back, and fewer of their bags, so it can only be sold as a sports car – I would also call the looks polarizing too, as the new Scirocco bug never bit me.

Giving it a clear image seems problematic, because Americans don’t really see it like a sexy sports car, and most think of it as a hatchback. However, in spite of all of the above, VW has still brought at least one to US soil recently and handed it over to a few journalists to gauge opinions.

CNET did its own review for the R, and they too were left wondering why VW didn’t at least give it a chance, liking the car overall. I think they’re definitely thinking about US sales (at least for the next generation model), otherwise it would not have been brought over (along with a Euro-spec Golf GTI Mk. VII). Automobile magazine also took the car for a quick spin.

That probably means VW’s eyes and ears are checking out the automotive blogs and news sites scene for feedback, so if you want to make your voice heard, you can use the comments section below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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