The Spark Renault SRT-01E Is Here

Formula One dedicated vehicle, the Spark Renault SRT-01E was brought into the spotlight at the Frankfurt Motor Show being promoted as the opener of a totally new era for the motorsports field. Born from the union of the three well-known giants from the market, McLaren, Renault and Spark Racing, this futuristic concept is said to be created in number of 40 for the first time.
The technical director from Renault, Francois Champod, was more than happy to tell us about the interest, the dedication and passion invested upon this project and how is supposed to be the first ever design of a single seat Formula One vehicle. Constructed within aerodynamically based aim, the Spark Renault SRT-01E reaches 60 miles in less than three seconds, having a rush speed of 140 mph. It will be officially released in 2014 when will be the vehicle used by every team in the race, handling forward the invitation towards the other manufactures to build other models based on this original one too.
Due to the giant’s partnership, the physical product is a mix between some couple of brands such as Williams F1 which have crafted the battery and Dallara that has like task, the monocoque chassis. All that remains to do is to sit tight and wait for September 2014 when it will experience its first race.

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