Sensor Problems Force Nissan to Make the Recall

This week the car brand, Nissan, had to deal with the unfortunate situation of recalling almost one million vehicles due to some sensor problems. The cars in discussion are the models Serena Minivan, the luxurious Infiniti M, the sport concept X-trail and some other more, vehicles that seems like have met this particular problem.

The biggest recall action took place into the Japan’s market, but before you jump to a conclusion, you have to know that America and Europe weren’t an exception either.

Estimated to a number of 908,

900 cars, the brand immediately announced that luckily no accident was reported, this sensor problem affecting the vehicle from a slow function and responsive point of view. Unfortunately, is not the first time for the brand when is forced to recall vehicles this year, mentioning here the May situation perpetuated by hardware body functionality or the April one, this time being pointed out airbags.

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