Toyota latest sports car, Toyota 86 or Scion FR-S, may just get even better as the car’s chief project manager, Tatsuya Tada confirmed that the rumored cancellation was not true and the concept is still under development – truly a car that will be worth the wait for avid sports car enthusiasts.
Reports confirmed the recent death of Eiji Toyoda, the person who lead Toyota’s huge growth in the United States and eventually the world. He died at the age of 100 is still holds the record as the longest serving president of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Toyota are apparently in good hands with still a great reputation all over the world. Toyota GT 86 created a major bang into the car world gaining respect to drivers and enthusiasts with its dreamlike physique and performance. USA and Japan were primarily Toyota 86’s main buyers in the first six months of its release, with Australia trailing behind. Customers would have to wait for the release of 86, with only limited models made available to the market. Though it is not as fast as any other race cars, Toyota 86 will surely make your drive smooth and comfortable as ever but can turn up the speed at the same time. It gives you enough speed that wouldn’t make you and your passenger scared of a possible accident happening. Fashion, comfort, combined with the right amount of speed, this may be just the dream car of most of the car owners worldwide. Some may try to compare Subaru BRZ or Mazda’s MX-5 to this car, but it is not even close.
Tada said that there will be surely an upgrade version of the 86, and there should be one. He revealed that they are currently testing all the possibilities possible upgrades in order to maximize the engine change for the new 86 that is targeted to be released in late 2014 or early 2015.
And with the probability of having a convertible one soon will surely give chills to current owners of 86, and of course, those who wanted an 86 in the first place. The convertible version is rumored to have a better engine, dynamics, and balance, than the first version of 86. Brakes will also be enhanced in the process. Improvements in rear-wheel-drive system will surely make it more solid for FT-86.

Estimated price of what will be an instant must-have car is still not yet determined. But it will surely top its current price of around $24,000. Convertible 86 will show people walking on the street the person behind your new Toyota GT 86, the envy of many. If you plan to steer this new Toyota GT 86 convertible version, maybe it is time for you to try and cut some of those unnecessary expenses and start saving for the next big thing in automobiles.

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