Volkswagen plans new twin-turbo VR6 engine

Volkswagen plans new twin-turbo VR6 engine

Volkswagen develops new twin-turbo VR6 engine from Design Vision GTI concept, develops up to 450bhp

Volkswagen is pushing ahead with a new direct-injection V6 petrol engine, sources have revealed.

Development of the new unit, a replacement for the discontinued VR6, is being overseen by VW’s new head of engine development, Fritz Eichler, the man behind the current generation of AMG powerplants. It continues with a swept volume of 3.0 litres and 15deg cylinder bank angle.

The new engine will have forced induction. VW insiders hint at a twin-turbo set-up, as previewed in the Design Vision GTI concept.

The concept’s transverse twin-turbo 3.0 V6 produced 496bhp and 413lb ft. Production versions are described as being less heavily tuned, with between 340bhp and 450bhp.

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