2014 BMW M4 Coupe: Way to The Cylinders

bmw m4 2014 coupe front three quarter

2014 BMW M4 Coupe in the fifth generation of the BMW M3 and the M4 baptized now on coupe version of the triad, however, the M stands for reduction. The number of cylinders has also been rigorously reduced in the new edition of the Bavaria – athlete as the weight. No 1500 kg weigh the strong Bavarian athletes instead of the previous eight combustion chambers can be found under the aluminum hood only six. Which are in the old tradition of engine works in series, the all-new engine brings it to 316 kW/430 hp. The charging through two turbochargers and the high-revving is thanked. But do not want the new M models shine with individual services, the subjectively and objectively perceived overall potential to attract the driver on the track. Or at least give him an everyday feeling of sovereign superiority in performance and agility, they say. Next spring go 2014 BMW M4 Coupe at the start and want to continue to write the history of successful M vehicles fine subsidiary of BMW.

bmw m4 2014 coupe dashboard interior

The expected outstanding performance will be tamed. The shape of the trunk lid with the Coupe, which brings naturally favorable aerodynamic properties, fulfills the function of a rear spoiler and brings more pressure on the rear axle. Without the bold sweep of the silhouette line must suffer. In addition, the engineers of the M GmbH have the under body largely disguised versions of both. This leads to higher output and improved, especially in the fast corners, the grip of the tires. Where it is necessary intake vents provide ventilation while the filigree rear gets about as a cooling breeze sent.

Two turbochargers ventilate the six-cylinder, between 2,000 and 7,500 rpm; they are constantly kept up to speed to ensure spontaneous retrieval performance. The cylinders apply for a pumping action and without pressing the fuel injection and ignition of air in the turbines of the supercharger. That’s enough to always keep the small compressor in a good mood, the driver presses on the accelerator, they are there immediately. The peak torque of the engine is 500 Nm. New is also an electric power steering, which is also how the adaptive suspension offers three driving modes. A Launch Control for maximum acceleration of 2014 BMW M4 Coupe

bmw m4 2014 coupe rear left side view

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