The new MG 6 – bargain or not?

The new MG6 - bargain or not?

The new MG 6 might have its drawbacks, but at these discount prices, would you be a fool not to sign up?

You may have seen that Autocar has just taken on a long-term test MG6, to be run by Steve Cropley, who seems pretty enthusiastic about his highly equipped, shiny red 5dr diesel TSE so far.

If that’s piqued your interest in this almost unknown MG, you should take a look at the Motorpoint website for a bit of further temptation.

Motorpoint sells nearly new used cars at pretty keen prices, and they don’t get a lot keener than the numbers attached to no less than 75 MG 6s it has in stock, some with up to 15,000 miles on their odometers, others bearing no more than a delivery distance.

You won’t find a diesel there (yet) but the 1.8 petrols come with all trim levels, including the generously kitted TSE pack.

Among them are no less than 27 delivery miles 1.8 TSE four door MG 6s; this version was optimistically labelled Magnette at its launch in memory of the rather more worthy ZA and ZB MG saloons of the 1950s.

These cars are £10,999 apiece, saving you almost £9000 on the list price. If £11k still seems a little too much to risk paying for a rapidly depreciating MG 6, consider one with 12,000 miles or so.

Settle for the entry-level 1.8-litre S, and you can have a five-door with under 12k on the clock for a mere £6699. Or you can have an SE for £7499. That’s a huge amount of car for low-end Dacia Sandero money, and one that has a fine chassis too, even if its engine is coarse and its interior rather plasticy.

You’d probably still lose quite a lot if you bought and sold on after a year, but if you kept it for three or more, this would be very cheap motoring, and with a splash of dynamic entertainment too.

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