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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V boxGrand Theft Auto V has only officially been a part of the public video game ecosystem for a few days now, and it has already completely sucked the air out of the room for the rest of the industry. Reports of a staggering $800-million take for day one sales of the newest member of the Rockstar Games franchise are almost otherworldly, and the attention the title has gotten this last week in both traditional and new media sources is unprecedented for a video game.

Well, unprecedented save for the response to the last Grand Theft Auto… That title received just as many accolades as GTA V is almost certain to pile up over the coming months and year. The plaudits will stack up next to the letters of outrage this edge-of-decency series has engendered.

F-bombs and N-bombs almost never cease to serve as verbal punctuation for a script that is among the best written in the digital genre, despite a Tarantino-esque deepness to its blue hue. A liberal sprinkling of T&A (strip clubs with strippers that, you know, take their clothes off), and drug and alcohol consumption complement a randomly violent world to mix a cocktail straight from Hollywood’s well-worn recipe.

That Hollywood bit is critical, we think. This is a grown-up video game, meant entirely to be played by adults, not children; just as many of the movies in theaters across the world are better suited for one demographic or another. Take umbrage with a society that values this kind of imaginary world to the tune of billions of dollars, if you must, but don’t foist kindergarten standards on a marketplace populated in the majority by grownups.

Now, give us a second to climb down off of this soapbox so we can talk about cars.

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