Magnus Walker

Do you know who this man is? Probably not, unless you’re a certifiable car-nut or Porschefile. Mr. Walker, other than having an extremely cool name, is a man who has spent the last 20 years of his life working on the car he loves most: the fantastic, legendary, and extraordinary Porsche 911.

In less than a year, this man went from “little known” to the biggest underground automotive superstar-cum-folk-hero in the Porsche world. What this man can do with his hands and mind on these cars makes me weak in the knees.

A short film was released last fall that literally catapulted Mr. Walker into stardom. If you love passion and Porsches, watching all 32 minutes’ worth will leave you wanting more.

In these last 12 months, Magnus has been featured in a number of magazines and various shows including Jay Leno’s Garage. If you make in Jay’s good car books, you’ve made it — and Magnus Walker can make them like no other man can.

His story is fairly simple and is depicted in the video, which I strongly recommend you watch. His love for the 911 has allowed him to own one 911 for each model year, from 1964 to 1972. He’s still looking for that ’73…

The cool demeanor depicted in this video is not put on. I was lucky enough to meet Magnus at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show and can attest to the fact that he is as calm, composed, and as chillaxed as he is the film.

Our talk was very brief. I asked him about his newfound fame and he said that it’s only made people notice him and talk to him more. Not that he’s difficult to spot with his dreads, tattoos, and height. That’s perhaps what I appreciate most about him: He is who he is, and remains true to himself.

Shortly before I met him, he was selling one of his most prized possessions: a 1972 911 STR II. Obviously, the car eventually sold at just over $300,000, or twice the estimated amount. When I asked Magnus if parting with this car was difficult, he simply answered, ”No.” He’s got another one like it that he’s working on.
started out with clothing, becoming a self-taught designer by reconfiguring purchased clothes. He went on to cars much the same way shortly thereafter. He became successful in both endeavors simply because he wanted to. That, and he’s massively talented.

His ability to just “do” and be good at it has given him a vision that cannot fail. The proof is found in his cars; they are gorgeous to behold, perfect in every sense of the word, and no one could ever argue the opposite.

I hope and plan to visit his shop in Los Angeles some day. In fact, he said that if we set up a date, he’d be glad to have me check out his digs.

Should that day come, I will have struck another item off my bucket list.

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