Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept Prototype Drive: VW’s Idea of the Family Truckster

Volkswagen CrossBlue concept

It’s easy to convince yourself that the American market plays second fiddle to Europe in the eyes of Volkswagen. Compared to their European counterparts, our current Jetta was decontented at launch and the forthcoming 2015 GTI will be slightly down on power, to say nothing of the fact that we don’t even have the chance to buy stuff like the GTD and the Scirocco (for now, anyway). But then consider that we get an excellent America-focused Passat, and we’ll soon see a U.S.-centric mid-size, three-row SUV based on the CrossBlue concept you see here. So VW does care about Americans—in volume segments, anyway. U.S.A.! U.S.A! READ MORE ››

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