Porsche shows us a lot can be done in less than seven minutes

You can do a lot in six minutes and 57 seconds. You can make a sandwich, call your mother (but keep it short) and check your Facebook multiple times. And if you’re Porsche factory driver Marc Lieb, you can also lap the Nürburgring.

Earlier this month, Porsche took to the Nürburgring Nordschliefe with the 918 Spyder and two more drivers alongside Lieb – fellow factory driver Timo Kluck and WRC legend Walter Röhrl. Each driver lapped the ‘Ring in under seven minutes, but it was Lieb who posted the best time and averaged the fastest speed of 111 miles per hour, or 178 km/h.

Now, there is a catch. The 918 used for the record-setting ‘Ring run was not your “ordinary” 918 Spyder if such a thing exists. It was equipped with the Weissach package, which adds aerodynamic tweaks, lightweight magnesium wheels that shave off a total of 77 lbs and six-point racing harnesses.

Those with an eye for lap times will recall that there are two cars that can still lap the Nordschliefe quicker: The British-made Radical SR8 and SR8 LM, completing a lap in 6:55 and 6:48, respectively. However, those two are race cars that are somehow considered “production” cars. Those two aside, the 918 Spyder bested the Viper ACR and Gumpert Apollo Sport by nearly 15 seconds.

You can ride along in the record-setting 918 Spyder below. To the McLaren P1 with a claimed Nürburgring lap time of seven minutes and four seconds: No pressure.

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