2012 BMW M5 Concept Full Review

2012 bmw m5 concept 1 2012 BMW M5 Concept Full Review

When the very first few bmw m5 arrived on our shores in 1987, finally it was the quintessential q-ship, an innocent-looking 5-series powered via the engine of one’s legendary m1 supercar. previewed by this concept, the upcoming, fifth-generation of one’s final 5-series doesnt look quite thus innocent anymore.

It’s safe to firmly assume that the production car can look pretty abundant specifically like this “concept. ” the front fascia is dominated via the fighter-jet-inspired central air intake, that’s flanked by—what else ?—two a lot of gaping intakes. unlike the regular 5-series, there are not any fog lights inside the m5, as m still doesnt place those on its cars. the hood is identical to firmly that of one’s regular 5-series, as well as a fender vent happens to be the merely giveaway inside the facet this is no standard 5-series. get up shut, though, and you’ll notice higher numbers stamped into your tire sidewalls, 265/35-20 ahead of time and 295/30-20 out back. with four exhaust pipes as well as a diffuser, the rear is impressive, if nothing shocking. atiny low lip spoiler inside the trunk will increase downforce.

An integrated diffuser at the lower edge of the rear apron effectuates targeted airflow at the end of the undercarriage. As a typical M identifying feature, the BMW Concept M5 is fitted with a double-flow exhaust system, the double tailpipes of which are located far apart at each side of the diffuser and surrounded by aerodynamically shaped trims. Likewise, the discreet rear spoiler located on the boot lid serves to optimise the car’s aerodynamic characteristics. It ensures additional downforce above all at high speeds, thus contributing towards supreme handling at all times.

Awe-inspiring power, impressive efficiency: V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo. The BMW Concept M5 gives a starting signal for the venture into a new dimension of motor racing-oriented driving dynamics. The high-performance characteristics reflected in its design are realised through the M-specific drivetrain and suspension technology. Under the concept car’s bonnet is a new, high-revving V8 power unit featuring M TwinPower Turbo Technology. The new engine ensures a new dimension of the linear power development so characteristic of BMW M automobiles. Moreover, it impressively embodies the principle of technological advancement within the framework of the BMW Group’s Efficient Dynamics strategy. Compared to the fourth generation of the BMW M5’s power unit, the newly developed engine has a significantly increased output level, whilst at the same time lowering previous fuel consumption and emission levels by at least 25 percent. With the new eight-cylinder engine, big steps have been taken in the optimisation of drivetrain technology. A clear increase in power is accompanied by a likewise very remarkable increase in efficiency. This demonstrates the unparalleled effectiveness of this development strategy, which originates from motor racing, where in addition to the engine’s performance capabilities and reliability, as few fuel stops as possible result in a decisive advantage.

The BMW Concept M5’s engine power is transferred to the rear wheels by a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic. This double-clutch gearbox, which was specifically tuned to the new V8 engine’s performance characteristics, fascinates with extremely fast gear shifting, precise gear selection and a high degree of effectiveness that additionally optimises the vehicle’s efficiency. The combination of the new engine with M Drivelogic is supplemented by an Auto Start Stop function. When halting at road junctions or in a tailback, the high-performance engine is temporarily switched off, thus avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption during idling. To continue the journey it is sufficient to release the footbrake and the V8 engine restarts without delay.

Model-specific suspension technology, typical M innovation: active M M Differential. The suspension technology especially developed for each model is an equally crucial constituent part of the well-balanced overall concept of any M automobile. It is constructed using comprehensive know-how obtained from motor racing and then tuned within the framework of extensive tests carried out on the Northern Loop of the Nürburgring. Exclusive M suspension components include, inter alia, the wheel suspension systems, specific axle kinematics as well as exceptionally effective and weight-optimised brakes, which also remain stable even under high levels of strain. In addition, the BMW Concept M5 features innovative rear differential technology also developed by the BMW M GmbH.

The Active M Differential optimises vehicle stability using targeted variation of locking torque between the right and left drive wheels.

Active control of the multi-plate lock inside the rear differential is highly accurate and fast. This ensures that wheel spin is prevented even on slippery road surfaces and in the event of differing friction coefficients between the right and left wheels, in narrow bends or during sudden lane changes. The thereby optimised traction facilitates the highest level of vehicle stability and dynamics during acceleration out of bends even under the most demanding conditions.

BMW Concept M5 – the future of the high-performance sports car with four doors and five seats. The BMW Concept M5 embodies the vision of a premium upper midrange sedan offering the highest degree of comfort for up to five occupants and allowing the driver to follow the ideal racing line both on the racetrack and in everyday road traffic. The BMW Concept M5 combines outstanding performance resulting from racing-inspired drive and suspension technology with typical M aesthetics that authentically express the vehicle’s dynamic potential. The concept car visualises the unmistakable characteristics of a BMW M model, which mature from a harmonious overall concept in which engine, suspension and design complement each other perfectly. The BMW M GmbH’s know-how gained from decades of experience and constantly further developed under racing conditions manifests itself in this combination. Innovative technology derived directly from motor racing provides each new BMW model with unmatched high-performing characteristics.

The BMW Concept M5 reflects a highly advanced stage in the development of a high-performance vehicle based on the new BMW 5 Series Sedan. The specific design features are directly aligned to the technical requirements, the suspension technology is precisely harmonised with the engine’s performance characteristics. With this precisely defined development strategy, the latest embodiment of the incomparable M feeling strives steadily towards series maturity.

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